Accommodation on farms has become a very popular option for tourists visiting this area. Not only is it an exciting experience but it offers an insight into a lifestyle that is uniquely different from the average person. This holiday style is a good option for both singletons as well as families with children. This is a good option for people who are not afraid of hard work and who have an interest in the inner workings of smallholdings.

Alternative Accommodation

One of the greatest benefits associated with a holiday on a working farm is the unexpected nature of where you will be staying. Many of the smallholdings that offer this experience will offer a variety of accommodation to choose from. The options may vary between camping in platform tents, converted barns or outhouses, and cottages. However, other steadings provide accommodations that are a little more exciting and will give you an immersive experience with the lands and animals around you. This includes yurts or open-air beds. This may not be for some people, but it is a holiday that your family is not likely to forget.

Experience the Life of a Farm

However, the best part of a holiday at a working smallholding is the glimpse that it gives one into a different kind of life. You will get the opportunity to work with animals and teach your kids where their food really comes from. For many people, this could get a little overwhelming, but it really is a fun experience that will leave you tired and dirty but happy. Experience the early mornings, days filled with hard work, and end off the day with a hearty meal that has been cooked from locally sourced ingredients. Although this kind of holiday is not meant for all people, it is a truly unique experience.