If you are one of the many numerous people who are fed up with the hectic nature of your day to day life, you may want to consider getting away for a bit. Fortunately, there is no shortage of short-term destinations available on the island.

An Adventurous Weekend Away

If you are looking for a three-day adventure that will help you find the joy of nature you may want to consider going on a tour of the Tarkine. This is a vast stretch of rainforest that contains more than sixty different species of plants and animals. You might also want to think about one of the beachside resorts along the coast. Here you will be able to take your pick of adrenaline-fueled activities. Take a paragliding course, hop on a jet ski, or don your snorkelling mask and take a peek at the magnificent reefs and ocean life hiding beneath the surface of the water. Another great option is going for a kayak tour on one of the numerous rivers with overnight camping options.

Spend Your Holiday in Luxury

Not everyone finds solace in spending their free time jumping in rivers or exploring forests. For these individuals, a few days in one of the many luxury inns and hotels are just the ticket. Individuals who have a limited budget might consider a few nights at MACq 01 in Hobart. This is a beautiful cottage style resort that offers all of the leisure time activities of luxury hotels at a fraction of the cost. However, if money is of no concern a stay at Saffire Freycinet in Cole’s Bay. This hotel offers state of the art facilities and beautiful architectural features. If you are in desperate need of a cosy nook where you can hide away for a few days this destination should be at the top of your list.