Located on the South coast of Australia, this isolated island has an intense wild beauty which can only really be appreciated from the top deck of a river liner. This island is a great place to experience the wildlife that Australia is known for. A trip to this island may also provide you with an opportunity to get to know the rivers and floodplains that provide a home for several exciting animals that you have only ever read about.

The Rivers and Waterways in Tasmania

The best way to see this spectacular and beautiful island is to get up close and personal with the wildlife by sailing on the rivers. There are a wide variety of cruises or house ships which offer a relaxing experience. This gives you an opportunity to discover more of the land than you would have seen if you were road-tripping in a car. This archipelago is covered by an extensive network of waterways and streams. There are also four main rivers on this island that all empty into the ocean surrounding it. Which means that there is no shortage of choices when it comes to the area you would like to explore.

Wildlife in Tasmanian Waterways

When you begin your adventures on the water, you will be surprised by the rich diversity in the streams and inlets on this archipelago. There are many different species of birds which make their homes on the banks of the rivers. This includes black ducks, white-faced herons, and grebes. If you are fortunate, you may even be able to spot a platypus amongst the reeds. These fascinating animals are native to this region. They prefer swampy areas where they can lay their eggs and raise their young. Also, the waterways are the breeding grounds for many small animals such as frogs, rodents, and insects.